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2012 wedding fashion publishing trends, styling articles

2012 wedding fashion publishing trends, styling articles 66-1

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Traditional A-shaped skirt and dance skirts status remains solid the a modern fishtail skirt and straight skirt design is also more and more prominent.

Wedding to be regarded as the most traditional fashion clothing, fashion cycles Unlike clothing as obvious, but every year is a general trend. The general trend of the 2012 wedding fashion is elegant and generous, but also contains the collision of tradition and modernity.
Tradition and modernity in fact a symbol of the U.S. east coast and the west coast of the two cultures, the more respect in the eastern part of the church held a grand wedding, including the the traditional styling hem long drag gorgeousness wedding; west coast thanks to the warm climate and diverse cultural blend, beach wedding and garden wedding is more popular, corresponding more simple and natural wedding. These two traditional and modern in shape was particularly evident in the traditional A-shaped skirt and dance skirts status remains solid, modern fishtail skirt, straight skirt design has become increasingly prominent.
2012 wedding styling the following four major trends:
Romantic level
Level focusing on the performance changes and rhythm, rather than complex decoration, we see a lot of diagonal or vertical lotus leaf, romantic and beautiful. Volume level show filled with a sense of air, not heavy.
Three-dimensional contour
Wedding choices are the best quality fabrics, whether good satin drape heavy brocade, smooth Uganda yarn or taffeta, can create a three-dimensional shape of the clear lines, but not limited So overall outline or partial decoration.
Elegant curves
Fishtail skirt the most show women’s S-shaped curve, fishtail skirt style below the buttocks will not take too tight, slowly open the hem above the knee, showing an overall A-shaped for a more slender, more body modification, walking also more convenient.
Noble and upright
The straight skirt or ancient Greek wind naturally draped dress, bias cut dress or no trace of excess folds into shoulder and waist design focus from traditional skirt, asymmetric shoulder design uncommon.

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