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How to choose a wedding dress style and fabric

Editor’s note: to do the winter pretty bride to be evil fee some pains, wedding dress style and fabric selection is very important, but you know how to choose the wedding dress style is the best for you? The bride This is your Weapon.

Bride has become a first-class event in order to wear, what kind of winter wedding dress pretty nice and warm winter choice would have to consider a winter wedding dress fabric and style more often to keep warm, we had to give up sexy and stylish Strapless, halter style, then how we both want the temperature but also grace it? bridal gowns

Selection of high quality wedding Rule # 1: Shazhi

For nothing more than a wedding in the yarn gauze, organza, glass yarn several. If no special requirements of the wedding itself, in general, will be asked to light, transparent, soft, slippery feel. Further, according to the different types of yarn, will have their own specific requirements.

Such as organza, is hazy feeling. Glass yarn must be transparent enough gloss must have enough refraction.

Selection of high quality wedding Rule 2: satin

A good satin, have a soft sheen, bone handle, the heft and a strong supporting force. So, whether it is as a cloth or facial, can be the perfect support since the intrinsic shape of the dress itself.

This component texture will not make the whole wedding dress looks very ethereal feel. So, the first impression will reflect itself very luxurious feel.

Selection of high quality wedding Rule 3: Chiffon

Thin translucent silk or rayon fabric. Generally we see the kind of very light and very transparent mostly fiber. Silk chiffon also called georgette.

More drape silk fabrics used in the wedding industry. So a good chiffon wedding, above all, depends on the degree of softness of his weight and personal. evening dresses

Selection of high quality wedding Principle 4: taffeta

Is also one of the silk distinguish taffeta taffeta is a very simple way is her unique Shasha walking sound.

In addition, this is a highly shaping fabric very flat, tight, and a unique matte luster. Exaggeration to describe the way is do not model can also stand not fall wedding is her.
Wedding accessories
In fact, in addition to the fabric of the wedding we choose thick thick satin fabric or plus cotton wedding dress style more when the bride with a faux fur shawls, capes and cloaks, and even hats, elegant elbow length Bridal Gloves aspects to consolidate their own the warm bottom line, try not to because pretty cold not stand fool of himself one hundred.

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