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Bride how to choose the most perfect wedding achievements own

Wedding color selection

Is not necessarily a pure white wedding requires the bride even the head of the body is a white, began with Queen Victoria era, when white represents happiness, and then reinforces the sense of purity and fidelity, resulting in remarriage lady can not wear white wedding dress, white wedding outshine lofty status. Prior to this, Greece is also the « white » the most common color for the bridal gown, but not strictly to the body white; Roman times, the bride will face Phi yellow yarn: Chinese tradition while red dress is an auspicious sign, the second the beginning of the tenth century, silver wedding is to highlight the status of royal dignity, visible wedding take their « color », there is no specific requirement to wear a white wedding dress. With the continuous change in the trend of the world, the wedding in addition to white, ivory, beige and other traditional colors, in recent years, has become more popular pink wedding package, such as pink, pink, orange, light blue, light purple, light green and light silver-gray, very soft and pleasing to the eye; if you dare to try, dark green, purplish red, deep purple, decorated in pink wedding on the formation of rich colors, the dress, the effect is very special; The most popular, of course, ivory or white wedding dress, laden with pink silk flowers, butterflies. bridal gowns

The choice of wedding style

Traditional skirt length and Real, and the general spread of the skirt like an umbrella, many girls are eager to wear and take pictures of course can be wearing, but the salute in the Registry, and does not seem too long too Peng skirt people will seem very short stature and cumbersome, so the wedding day should be selected small tent dress slightly off the ground, or long and ankle was A word cut straight body wedding; As for the legs of confidence, the more you can try miniskirts or Skirt, etc., if it is easy hearty character, wearing white pants suit highlights the fact that personal style, different. It should be noted, fishtail skirt is the most inconvenient, as well as the most difficult to dress nice, if not the bride particularly fond fishtail skirt, otherwise, are not considered. Another note style, many styles on hangers beautiful, wear in the body of the model are the United States, with the exception of such a beauty, is not suitable for everyone, so try is necessary, size does not fit can change, the style and the bride’s body shape and temperament do not match, and will be particularly ugly.
Wedding choose other factors.
Do not wear too much low-cut wedding, held in a church wedding, it is disrespectful to the clergy, especially some ceremony, the couple will bow down to topless exposed arm of the bride knelt before the icon, it would be too do not respect church, ironically. The bride Please note that the wedding is to use a long tail or short tail, often constrained by external environmental factors. If the church rituals, trailing better look, but the flower girl to be older or not enough power for the bride picked up the tail, and even tripped; floats is another problem, because tens of feet of tail, ordinary cars do can not let go, even if reluctantly crowded, get off the long tail will be wrinkled, less decency; addition to the general street is not very clean, so the bride to wear three to five feet tail has quite enough. As for the wedding to buy or rent wedding is good, will depend on the wishes of the bride, If you want to save as the eternal souvenir, it worth the investment to stay commemorate the tradition from generation to generation, the more you can buy a beautiful headdress match.

Different body wedding choice

Since the wedding, after all, is a lifetime opportunity to wear one, most important thing is to be able to show their own characteristics and personality, followed drawback is cleverly disguised to choose their own wedding. Following a few simple principles for the new reference.
Petite: for, the high waist, yarn surface, waist discount white gauze, the proportion of body modification. Should try to avoid too fluffy skirt wedding dress pants, causing the first light foot heavy highlights the shortcomings of short stature. The rotator cuff design should avoid exaggeration, such as large Paoxiu or large lotus leaf; upper body can be beautiful, varied, skirt and veil to avoid too long; waistline can use the V word micro low rise design in order to increase the slender sense.
Tall: This type of bride natural coat hanger, any style of wedding Jieke try, especially Baoshen hem fishtail wedding dress better show the advantages of stature, with a cap increase to cover half the face value of the short The wedding is better.
And thin: to strengthen the the shoulders design the dress, the tall, thin bride can look better, such as shoulder pads, big bubble sleeve lotus leaf design, and the upper line should change to avoid strapless styles, bare-chested. evening dresses

Plump: for straight lines of the cut, with lace pattern, wear more slender. Not be selected for the high collar style, should select a low collar: high waist skirt design should avoid cumbersome.
Too plump or lean subjects: the upper body fullness of the bride is the best choice for the upper body design is simple and can demonstrate the advantages of the wedding chest line; while the lower body plump person, do not choose a wedding design focus buckled: For too slender bride good wearing a high-necked, long-sleeved dress, such as the playing level, Wavy or Diana-style dress is very appropriate.

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