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Bride wedding custom Complete Guide Picks Your fashion happiness wedding dress

Editor’s note: a perfect wedding is a dream of a woman’s life, I believe that each bride will be looking forward to wearing a wedding dress wedding dress like. Sloppy in this life can not effect the day, only really suitable for your own custom wedding dress, beautiful memories left to make their own lifetime in order to give brides, wedding custom has become the first choice of the bride, the wedding custom duration should how to arrange it? Current Bridal Network to provide you a complete bride wedding custom guide you to be a perfect bride in wedding dress selection happiness.

12 months before the wedding

From various channels to collect favorite wedding style and wedding brand through the magazine and the network concerned about the city’s reputation compared to the bridal salon and wedding personal studio. evening dresses

Weight-loss plans need to be put on the agenda, the purpose is not necessarily how many kilograms of weight loss, but at least let the body becomes more solid, the skin becomes more compact.

Wedding first 10 months

Delineation of several favorite bridal salon and personal wedding studio, preliminary communication.

Understanding the effect of the wedding budget, style, and different fabrics.

According to their own body, temperament, budget and preferences, according to a preliminary communication, pre-selection of several ideal wedding.

Wedding first 8 months

Can stylists, accompanied by several shops go to choose the right to do the final selection for you to pick out the most suitable wedding stylist, the stylist will according to the style of the wedding for your makeup and hair.

Sure good eventually undertake wedding custom bridal salon or designer, the designer tailored Making templates.

7 months before the wedding

Try a version of the kind, like the modified version of the body close by designers.

If you want to modify the details of wedding and designers by the designer to determine the suitability of the bride’s body type and temperament.

Communication styles can choose fabric and designer, to determine the best fabrics to render the most perfect design.

Wedding six months before the

Shooting the wedding, you can experience the feel of the wedding wearing. The last communication with the designer, the details need to be adjusted and to pay attention to all the problems raised, allowing the designer to help you relieve concerns.

After the wedding can be produced, and the need to pay attention to the wedding once, do not start making a wide range of changes, or the time and cost are not easy to control.

Five months before the wedding

The need to strengthen the maintenance of body skin, whitening, firming products to intensive use, regular body exfoliates, bare skin in the wedding outside the wedding day presents the best condition.

Adjustable underwear for wedding dress, smooth and rapid modification stature have played an important role. An adjustable underwear according to the style of the wedding of their own choosing.

3 months before the wedding

First try on a wedding dress, feel comfort. Expected from the appearance of the basic rendering envisaged. View collar waist if it fits. Skirt length, thick fabric is acceptable.

Please designer try on the results, adjust the details. Small details of local wedding would also like to make changes, it is the last chance to give up the idea of ​​the adjustment of the structure.

Wedding two months before

Selected according to the wedding style with jewelry, you can listen to the recommendations of the designers and stylists, and selected for their temperament and budget.

If before has not had time to pick wedding shoes, may wish to see at this time there is not favored. When the next try wedding marriage shoelaces feel complete fitting effect.

Three weeks before the wedding

Last fitting. Check clothes zipper is easy to use, the commitment to the local line of hand-sewn foot is neat. Lined making fine, whether the number of layers of the wedding. bridal gowns

Please designer with veil, gloves and other accessories. Put on wedding shoes, and walk as much as possible. Through a few basic steps to turn around, sit down, and so on, the upper body of the test wedding if it fits.

One week before the wedding

The wedding to take back from the store and carefully hangs. Wedding day with jewelry, gloves, head yarn and wedding shoes placed next in the wedding.

Quietly looking forward to the wedding day, unlimited sparkling be the envy of the advent of the moment!

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