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DIY wedding dresses design

You are no suitable clothes for the wedding to worry about it? Do you want to wear pretty decent but do not want to dig into their pockets to buy clothes? Then DIY it, depending on the style of wedding, for their own different styles of dresses designed it ~

First, there are several principles that we should pay attention.

First, go to the wedding, or to the lively, happy-based. So try to wear bright colors better, such as pink, pastel yellow, light purple, light green. Color and lively, fashion. Avoid the color is too heavy, such as red, rhubarb, big purple, and green will look dull and old-fashioned.

Second, the wedding is a more serious and solemn occasion, we can not wear too frivolous, can take a little outside the shirt, took off after the ceremony.

Third, we need to understand the point is that the latter part of the wedding, is basically a big party, we are the best clothing to unique. Both emphasize their personality, taste, and can add highlights to the wedding ~

So, let us in on these three principles, based on good play our unique creative.

If it is Chinese-style wedding, small series suggest that you can wear a similar dress like the little pink dress. Of course, a lot of MM’s wardrobe did not dress. Then wear a bright color and lifted the skirt, sweater or large T-shirt, try not too long, above the knee is better. Department of dazzling colors of the collar, the bottom with small boots, both warm and lovely.

If it is Western-style wedding, then put your little veil pulls out come the summer (avoid, do not wear white, avoid contact with the bride Zhuangshan), outside wearing a warm and dignified suit style shirt, cute bottom with a comfortable a small heel, but also to pink-based makeup. So you go to the wedding the easy way out must be appropriate to have friends ~ ~

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