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Magical wedding trailing

Many tail wedding wear in the body very Jiaoqiao models, but the bride has become a burden to put behind him, perhaps style wedding with the bride’s body shape and temperament do not match. Wedding tail generally be divided into small delay (about 60 ~ 80 cm), the delay (about 120 to 150 cm), and long delay (about 200 to 250 cm), of course, have a longer, most like to order. Tail of different lengths for different wedding wedding occasions, but more importantly, with different body of the bride.

Point one: Required field wide

Tail wedding dress is very critical of the choice of venue, if the site is too narrow, uneven ground, and even dip the dry grass all the way adhesion of the branches, certain people feel disappointed plus regret. Therefore critical to the wedding venue, romantic beach, the holy Church is preferred. Wedding Car also be taken into account. According to the designer, trailing wedding as big as ordinary car simply does not fit, even if reluctantly put down, get off the long tail will not open and wrinkled due to stretch, so the bride’s image greatly reduced.

Point 2: pay attention to etiquette

Bride needs to learn some manners manners, because the wedding day to walk over the court, followed with a « tail », if walking too fast or turn too much, the tail may accidentally stumbled on the heel or other obstruction , fails to decency. Select the flower girl, then, as with some of the older flower girl, sure there is enough strength. Small tail wedding dress comfortable, lightweight road for a variety of tall bride. The tail is the most suitable wedding dress walking the red carpet, and does not require flower girl, do not worry about being stepped on cause embarrassment, but it is not too thin for the body of the bride. Long tail wedding is every woman from the girl began to dream of the princess, it is more suitable for tall bride, the bride wore short stature have feeling of being overwhelmed.

Point three: match decent accessories

The bride’s wedding accessories can be described perfectly the essence, can only decent match with wedding jewelry to the bride to become bright. Designer wedding dress, according to the image, the long tail, the most suitable atmosphere with eye-catching accessories, and bridal styling would be an exaggeration, but not cumbersome.

Point four: with intimate partner

The other half you can know you in order to make the wedding more beautiful, to be very hard to wear a very large tail mobility wedding? Therefore, the groom should understand that the wedding day, must become a hard working gentleman, happy, « the bride of any mercy. »

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