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Western-style makeup to create the perfect bride bride

Wedding bride is a well-deserved lead, appreciation and tasting bridal flower « flower » is blooming enough weight on the head of each wedding gossip. Wedding approaching, the most important in your life the day, the face of all the relatives and friends guests critical eye, the protagonist of what you will face fine debut? We invite BOBBI BROWN of professional makeup artist Liu Xu necessary to introduce you to two of the bride wedding makeup, so happy you are in perfect makeup with the help conquer all critical eye!

Western-style bridal makeup fresh

Keywords: natural, fresh aesthetic fashion

Build: slightly exotic beauty of the bride

White veil, delicate lace, when you are wearing on the red carpet holy wedding, your makeup should be as pure as angels, pleasant. Emphasis on natural aesthetic with Western-style wedding bridal makeup is the best choice, fresh and simple colors to show both the most real you, and make your face more refined.

Step 1: makeup before maintenance can not be ignored, the supple skin on the use of foundation and powder will have a perfect looking finish effect. Do not forget to use the Cream maintenance to prevent damage to the skin make-up.

Step 2: cover with concealer acne and dark circles, but to pay attention to the former use concealer after the foundation, which is used in the foundation before.

Step 3: Choose the eyebrow and hair color blooming near the eyebrows, then add cream coated with a layer of eyebrow, you can create the perfect eyebrow stud distinct.

Step 4: painted with gold eye shadow on the eyelid, eye socket, use the red-brown, in the eyes of a little white eye shadow with a head light. Along the roots of the upper eyelid eyelashes painted purple eye liner, the lower eyelid after a half at the faint smudges, and then coated with black mascara.

Step 5: Apply the color in natural lip balm, lip liner and then outline the lips, and finally coated with lip gloss, lips on the natural and glossy.

Makeup artist moves

Western Eye painting folds

Chinese-style single fold is not easy to draw a good Western-style beauty bridal makeup, easy to swollen upper eyelid, you can not use the cool colors with a pearl eye shadow, black mascara and eyeliner, the eye does not look swollen, but also make the eyes bigger and brighter.

HR dense new mascara down ¥ 350

This mascara makes your lashes look very thick, but not with each other to stick together, effect of repeated smear better.

BOBBI BROWN isolation sunscreen SPF15 ¥ 500

Can be applied to the face surface of the skin form a protective film, the effective isolation make the dangers of dirty air on the skin while maintaining skin moisture. Use this after using sunscreen or makeup Cream, the skin will not feel greasy burden.

Dior like a sun blush ¥ 420

Warm colors best suited to the festive atmosphere of the wedding, to bring the perfect golden glow cheek, four color combinations, showing enthusiasm and healthy cheeks flush.

Waterproof makeup bride must

Wedding day, the bride is the focus of all eyes, face makeup, but it took no small disaster. But marriage also means parting, tears are inevitable, so be sure to use waterproof eyeliner and mascara; wedding chat with friends and relatives accompany the bride to eat, lipstick should choose water-based. Once the mascara or eyeliner on the lower eyelid to the halo, can wipe with a cotton swab, then use powder makeup.

Right now, « decadent area » should not be re-color

Right now the site is the face of the « decadent area », a complete picture of the liner lower eyelid, or painted on the outer corner of the next heavy eyelids the color will become more decadent people, do not meet the wedding atmosphere. Bridal makeup eyeliner can be drawn after a half in office now, eye shadow color to pale appropriate.

BOBBI BROWN Lip Infusion bright ¥ 220

Light sweet vanilla fragrance brings you the feeling of happiness, smear lipstick on the use of bright color for the lips blazing brightly.

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